Start of Ramadam

Today is the beginning of Ramadan.

*Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief.

I will not write a post on the beliefs of muslims or my beliefs, or give my opinion about this because I know too little to explain and too little to understand.

I am saying all this because it is reminding me where I was a year ago:

My previous summer I spent it in Errachidia, city situated in the South of Morocco, 2 hours away from Merzouga desert and the ones that had visit this place know exactly how warm it can get. There were days were the difference temperature from day to night was 5º! (so, 50ºC during the day and 45ºC during the night!!!) and you may think…how horrible! how crazy! let me tell you something: I will repeat it every single summer if I could do so! That warm and dry feeling is one of the most healthy feeling I have experience, not to mention how proud you feel of been able to support these temperatures!

I miss the days where the only thing you could do (when I was not working in the project… I did some volunteering, I will write about it in another post) is relax in the sofa in the room where the air-conditioner is, the naps to prevent the heat (always in the air-conditioner room!!) going to the market around 6pm, when absolutely everyone is going shopping to make incredible and huge meals for the family. I miss the night ride with the motorbike going up and down the city searching for a slightly cool breeze to refresh your face! Going to the crowded roundabouts at night to sit and have some dry nuts with orange juice. Children running around and playing like crazy on the roads full of cars and people!

You should always be respectful and get involve in their way of living, not saying you have to fast but eg. try not to drink cold water or eat like a manic in front of them.

Believe me when I tell you that at the beginning of this summer “adventure” I was a little worried. Because of what I heard, what people told me and prejudices. Do not believe in everything you hear

Wherever you go, whatever its going on in that place, you can always always find the way to make your trip fulfilling and with plenty of good stories to tell.



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