Morocco seen from the sky

Magnificent documentary that will make you fall in love with Morocco

Historical cities, stunning landscapes, beautiful traditions….

Documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand via France 2

Discover Morocco


Marrakech in the 60’s

Beautiful footages of Jemma el Fna square during Market day and the street of the Medina. This short historic documentary presented by British Pathé Pictures portrayed the lifestyle of the “Pearl of the South”, the Red City of Marrakech.

Market day with the exchange of camels and horses, the wood hanging on the streets to dry and the corn sellers that has transport during miles their bags to be sold in Marrakech.

The market was a point of reunion of the population of the surroundings, and sellers came from all over Morocco to sell their products and animals.

A short historic documentary “Marrakech 1960” presented by British Pathé Pictures portrayed the lifestyle of the “Pearl of the South” almost six decades ago.


Travel the world

You don’t have to be rich 

to travel well

-Eugene Fodor

no need to be rich

Let yourself go

People don’t take trips

trips take people

– John Steinbeck

Let the desert take you

travel the desert


I was lucky to experience the 15th April of 2014 in the desert

Total Lunar Eclipse

The moon looked like a sun rising up Algeria’s border

It was breathtaking

IMG_4150 copy

IMG_4164 copy


camel eye

الصحراء الكبرى – Sahara Desert

Feel the desert 

the sand

the sun

the stars

Feel the freedom

the quietness

Feel yourself 

follow the desert