26 things you should not miss in Morocco

Beautiful video of 26 most amazing places and things to see in Morocco. Video by #roughguides.

Do not miss any of them!

Get a magnificent journey through Morocco with Ruta al Sahara






Walk among boats, sea eagles and fishermen

Eat the best fresh seafood and fish

Discover the beautiful Medina


Travel to Morocco

If you are planning on traveling to Morocco for the first time you have two options:

-Customize your own trip, you do your own research about the places you want to visit.

-Contact and hire a travel agency that will take care of all your needs and wants.

So, which one is better?

Obviously, that depends on how you are and how much time (and money) you want to spend in this trip.

If you are used to travel, you are good at organizing and you have enough time to visit the most important cities and villages in Morocco you can do it on your own (and you will have fun doing it!). Morocco is an easy country to travel with a lot of train and bus connections. Train and bus are good ways to go all over, but of course, it takes more time. Even though, there are some activities (that you, for sure, must do if you are traveling to Morocco) that should be done through agencies.

On the other hand you can let an agency do the job for you! This is easier and faster! But more expensive. With an agency you will be traveling comfy with nice cars and everything will run as you are expecting (hopefully!). Your guide will explain you anything you need to know. If you have short time and you want to discover Morocco from North to South I will definitely recommend this option!

You can now start thinking about your amazing trip to Morocco!!

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