Morocco is a sub-climatic country with the following zones:

Mediterranean climate,  along the Mediterranean coast of the country, and parts of the Northern Atlantic portion between Tangier and Kénitra. From Kénitra, the Oceanic influence in this climate becomes more clear as you border the coast until Essaouira, with a Oceanic climate.

The continental climate is found in large parts of the RiF, Middle-Atlas and the Norther side of the High-Atlas Mountains, cities like Fes or Meknes, who lies on the periphery of these mountains range are also influenced by continental climate but remain essentially Mediterranean.

The semi-arid climate is found south of the city of Essaouira, where yearly average precipitations start to get below 400 mm, and that what prevents cities like Agadir or Marrakech from being classified as Mediterranean, despite the similitude in yearly temperatures and rainfall pattern (November-April).

The South East of Morocco has an arid climate, mostly hot temperatures around all year, with a notable contrast during day and night.