Languages & Religion


The official languages in Morocco are Arabic, Berber and French. The Maroccan Arabic dialect is called Darija.

Here some words to start familiarizing:

-Hello: Salaam Alaykum

-Hello (back): Walaykum Salaam

– How are you: Labas? you can respond the same: Labas.

-Everything good?: Culshi Mzien? you can respond the same: Culshi Mzien.

-Usually the previos two responses are followed by -Thanks God: Alhamdulilah

-Yes: Iyah

-No: La

-Please: Afak

-Thank you: Shukran (a lot) bezaf

-Excuse me: Smahli (to a man) Smahaliya (to a woman)

-I do not understand: Maf hamtch

-Sin problema: Mashy Mushkil

French is teach in school and a big part of the populations speaks it and understands it.

Spanish language as a big influence, especially in the north of Morocco, where you will find many words used in the Darija to be exactly the same as in Spanish.  English as well, is growing amount the people that works or have some relation with the tourism.



99.9% of the Moroccan population are Muslim.

When you are in Morocco or any Muslim country, you will hear 5 calls a day made from the Mosquees, which are at the centre of all Muslim worship. Consider holy places and only Muslims are allow to enter.