Travel to Morocco

  • Make sure your know if you need a visa to enter Morocco and check that your passport is valid for, at least, the next 3 months..  Here is a very useful website that will indicate you if you require a visa: Do I need a Visa? and that your passport is valid.
  • Travel insurance is a must for your journey to Morocco. Ask your Insurance company or find the best deal for your needs in Google, there are plenty of cheap and easy insurances.
  • We recommend you to bring some basic medicines for: headache, travel sickness colds, diarrhea…
  • Clothing: if you are coming in winter time and you intinerary tour is covering the north part of Morocco warm clothing will be appropriated.  There is no strict code  in Morocco for clothing but it is recomendable to wear clothing that do not expose the décolletage, shoulders, or thighs. Long trousers with light textures are recommended for summer and hot weather. This is apply to men and women.
  • Shoes: Confortable shoes to walk and discover the streets of the Medinas and the beautiful trekkings during the tours . You may also bring warm shoes for winter time if you are touring in the north of Morocco.  Of course good sandals for summer.